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anissa davis




Thank you for checking out my classes. I am so excited to help you through your yoga practice and share with you my experience and knowledge of the Eight-Fold Path. I have been teaching yoga for 5 years and I am E-RYT® 500, FRC®, and YACEP® certified and registered. I have worked for YogaWorks, Equinox, International Yoga, and I am a founder of Eight-Fold Path. One of the biggest reasons I teach is to share with others what this practice has done for me. Yoga has allowed me to return to myself. Seeing my true nature and letting me hold space for myself wherever I am that day. For a long time I was holding onto my stories of past experiences and traumas. I felt stuck, and thankfully found this practice while I was in college. Yoga helped me to peel back those layers, soften, let go, and move on with my life. This is why I teach, to help people see that there is much more ahead than where we have been or even what we have gone through. Yoga is finding that union and relationship with ourselves, honoring ourselves within the Eight-Fold Path, and moving forward more grounded and a little lighter. This is what I hope to illuminate. My classes are grounding, pleasantly challenging, and mindful. With patience, intention, and consistency, I hope to guide you through your mental, physical, and spiritual journey.