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dhana stevens




As a little girl growing up in this ever-active Southern California culture, I found the most comfort in my body while moving. Dance became a metaphor for cultivating a relationship with myself. It was beautiful but it was demanding, and I took that constant perfectionism to heart. For a long time, I had an ingrained  message that my body had to obey my mind no matter what. (Ok- we weren't as "woke" back then!) That decade-long professional dance career was turned on its head by the birth of my first child; it was a life-threatening delivery that fortunately resulted in us both alive. But, I was left feeling disconnected from the body I had trained to physically submit to dance. 


My kids were coming of age when I realized that I had cast aside growth of my own. I knew of yoga as a form of healing, but at 42 years old and an ever-changing body, I didn't think this old dancer could learn new tricks! However, that world of a healthy mind/body experience was opened up to me in the most accessible manner. It didn't matter what baggage I carried with me or what my body had been through-- I could make my own pace and rekindle that comfort I felt as an active child. And this time, it would be under kinder circumstances than the competition and standards that dance brings. I realized my unconventional path to yoga made me a strong candidate to teach others; I serve as my own proof of success that anyone can meet yoga wherever they're at in life.


Now, several years into my yoga practice, I still feel we dancer-yogis have a special touch and teach in a certain way. We realize how powerful control over and faith in your body can be. But we also know the impact of negative hyper-awareness and self-image. It is a great challenge to exceed your physical expectations but we must also do so safely and under positive circumstances. Learning how to be kind to yourself through your own challenging experiences goes hand-in-hand with learning how to be kind to your body. I embody a lifetime of knowledge I have from my dance background and use it in my teachings today.  My desire is to create a safe space for others to explore both the physical and meditative elements of yoga. I am excited to meet you where you are.