nicole riviére




Growing up on the Oregon coast, Nicole’s background in movement started early at age 4 when she danced in the living room to the 80‘s tv show “Fame”. Her mother found a local dance studio where she fell in love with jazz & ballet. By the time Nicole was 15, she was teaching dance at her beloved studio. After coming to Los Angeles in 1997 to pursue a professional dance career, she took her first yoga class. Initially, to condition and strengthen her body for dance. However, during her 13 year career, she found strength and solace in her yoga practice, especially in her 20‘s during a bout of daily anxiety and panic attacks. Through consistent yoga practice, she learned what it meant to ‘go with the flow’ of life rather than to push against it. She found her breath. Eventually this lead to a natural desire to dive deeper into the practice, and then organically, teach yoga. In 2003, Nicole was offered her first yoga teaching job at Powerhouse Gym in Chatsworth, CA, and later on in 2009, Nicole completed her first teacher training with Claire Hartley and Daniel Stewart at Rising Lotus Yoga. She went on to train with Maty Ezraty and Annie Carpenter and in 2012, completed her 500 hour certification and mentorship with Annie. Nicole is a mom, wife, E-RYT 500, and teacher trainer. She has led retreats, countless workshops, and teaches yoga and meditation to individuals in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.  Nicole’s classes are challenging yet compassionate. Grounded in alignment, yet movement oriented, with emphasis on effort and ease throughout. She believes what you do on your mat, you do in your life, thus, yoga is a life practice. Om shanti.